3D-Guided Implant Surgery

To create the surgical implant guide, the images acquired through 3D Dental Tomography are transformed into computer-generated robotic jaw images. These virtual jaw images serve as the canvas for simulating implant placement. Using these images, customized implant guides are meticulously crafted to ensure that the virtual implant positions seamlessly translate into the patient’s actual oral anatomy.

The significance of precise implant placement, facilitated by meticulously prepared surgical guides, becomes evident during the prosthetic construction phase. Patients’ primary expectation is to regain the ability to chew and smile with confidence through healthy teeth. This objective hinges upon the optimal positioning and angles of the implants within the jawbone, essential for crafting a prosthetic solution that excels in both functionality and aesthetics.

A harmonious blend of full chewing capability and aesthetic appeal can be achieved exclusively through implants positioned accurately in terms of location and angle. This approach paves the way for the creation of lifelike dentures seamlessly integrated with healthy gum tissue.

Surgical guides not only guarantee accurate implant placement but also enable surgical procedures to be performed without sutures. Consequently, the duration of the surgery is minimized, and gingival healing occurs rapidly post-surgery. This technique further facilitates the completion of multiple implant placements within a single session and a condensed timeframe. Remarkably, even in cases involving fully edentulous upper and lower jaws requiring a minimum of 14 implants, the common facial swelling and post-operative discomfort are greatly minimized. Patients typically resume their regular activities the following day.

The acquisition of a 3-dimensional digital tomographic image from the targeted area offers unparalleled insight into regions not adequately visualized through panoramic and periapical X-rays. Particularly for patients with intricate bone structures, 3D dental tomography is an invaluable tool for achieving optimal treatment outcomes. This technology expedites the planning of treatment phases for dentists.

In orthopedic surgeries, three-dimensional printers have revolutionized the landscape, leading to enhanced post-surgery results. 3D Orthopedics can be succinctly defined as a computer-assisted surgical approach that elevates both the precision and success rate of procedures.

The personalized journey of orthopedic surgery commences by meticulously analyzing radiological images of the patient, converting them into a 3D computer model, and performing detailed computer simulations to ascertain the appropriate bone incisions. This process also involves evaluating the suitability of conventional implants and prostheses for the individual patient. Subsequently, a patient-specific bone incision guide is devised, ensuring surgical success through precise bone incision during the one-on-one surgical procedure.

What Is 3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery? 

3D-guided dental implant surgery is a cutting-edge technique that uses advanced 3D computer simulation through Neo Navi Guide to precisely plan and execute dental implant procedures. This innovative approach eliminates uncertainties, information gaps, and unforeseen complications by meticulously determining the most suitable surgical strategy for dental implant placement.

By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art 3D computer simulation, our skilled dentists achieve unparalleled accuracy in the implantation process. This technology empowers us to create a comprehensive surgical plan tailored to each patient’s unique dental anatomy. As a result, individuals requiring reconstructive surgery benefit from significantly improved outcomes.



With 3D-GUIDED IMPLANT SURGERY, you will be able to continue your normal life the next day.

3D dental tomography is an important method to get the best results, especially in patients with sensitive bone structures.

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