Yes, the only must is that you should be over 18 to receive Hollywood Smile treatment.

Gum disease, if any, is treated for Hollywood Smile. Missing teeth are completed with implants. The porcelain layering process takes 5-10 days, and zirconium porcelain coating takes 7-14 days depending on the number of teeth to be coated.

If steps are not skipped in the procedures, if sufficient isolation and cavity conditions are provided, there will be no problems. It is long-lasting due to its high biocompatibility. Its strength is at least as much as tooth tissues, and the probability of fracture is low.

In the clinic, it is done in a single session with an appointment of approximately 1/2 hour.

Considering the usage warnings given by our doctors, it can be used for 3/5 years very easily.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is an inflammatory disease. Heart disease is also an inflammatory disease. It is suspected that ‘inflammation’ may be the foundation behind their relationship. If left untreated periodontal disease can increase inflammation in the body – increasing inflammation within your cardiovascular system.

Periodontists have extensive knowledge and experience with periodontal (gum) disease and are experts in treating the disease. For optimal results it is best to use a collaboration between your periodontist and your general dentist. This approach will ensure you are receiving the expert knowledge and treatment from the periodontist as your general dentist gives advice pertaining to your medical and dental history.

Root canal treatment can be completed in a single session with the decision of the physician. Current literature supports root canal treatment in a single session with the developing technology in endodontics. Intracanal drug use may be required to ensure canal disinfection. In such cases, two or longer sessions may be needed. However, if the condition of the tooth is suitable for routine, root canal treatment can be completed in a single session.

The life of a root canal treated tooth is affected by many different factors. It is affected by many reasons such as the reason for which root canal treatment is performed (diagnosis), the completion of the root canal treatment under ideal conditions, the selection of the right upper restoration (veneer, filling, etc.), the patient’s oral care and systemic history. However, the purpose of root canal treatment in general is to ensure that the tooth functions in the mouth for a long time.