Guarantee Certificate

This dental guarantee is documented to outline the details and limits of your dental guarantee and although it is not required by law, Bavliinternational provide a dental guarantee with different periods depending on the nature of the dental treatment. Please find the details of your dental guarantee below:

Dental Fillings: Dental Fillings have a 1-year dental guarantee against coming off, but this doesn’t include the Dental Fillings over Implant Crowns/Bridges’ screw holes. Filling material can hold on to natural teeth better and fillings applied over prosthetics have a shorter life span compared to natural teeth.

Laminate Veneers:  Laminate Veneers have a 3-year dental guarantee against chips, coming off, cracking or breaking. (Only valid for 6 Veneers or more)

Dental Crowns: Dental Crowns have a 5-year dental guarantee against chips, coming off, cracking or breaking. (Only valid for 6 Veneers or more)

Dental Bridges: Dental Bridges have a 5-year dental guarantee against chips, coming off, cracking or breaking.

Dental Implants: Dental Implants have a life-long guarantee (provided by manufacturer) against breaking or failures. Dental Implant will be replaced once without charge if they fail should the bone level allow that. Further failures shall be payable by the patient as this is an indicator of body not cooperating. If the Dental Implant fails and it cannot be replaced, the patient acknowledges that they will not ask for reimbursement of the failed implant since this is not a defect of dentistry but a biological matter. If there transpires a need for further dental treatment because of the failed implant such as replacement of an Implant Crown or Dental Bridge (All-On 4 or All-on 6), full costs shall be payable by the patient. This also includes surgical side treatments such as Sinus Lifting, Bone Grafting and Collagen Membrane if there is a need for them while replacing the Dental Implant.

Some of the dental treatments cannot be covered by dental guarantee:

Root Canal/Re-Root Canal Treatments: Although they are provided by Endodontist (Root Canal Treatment Specialist), such treatments cannot be provided with a guarantee since their efficacy is largely determined by biological reactionsIf a Laminate Veneer/Dental Crown requires replacement due to a need for Root Canal/Re-Root Canal Treatment, full costs shall be payable by the patient.

Temporary Teeth: As the name itself suggests, they are intended to serve until you return for completion of your dental treatment and due to their temporary nature, no guarantee can be offered for any temporary solution. Yet, dental team shall do their best so that they don’t fail before you return. Please bear in mind that very few clinics provide fixed temporary teeth for All-On 4 or All-On 6 Implant treatments, and we are proud to be one of these. Patients should follow a soft food diet by avoiding nuts, bones, opening bottle with their mouth etc. and eat carefully to ensure they are in place until they return. Bruxism also has a deteriorating effect on Temporary Teeth/Dentures.

Natural Tooth Failures: The Crowns/Bridges or Laminate Veneers are covered with the guarantee clauses outlined above, however, natural tooth failures (when the natural tooth broke off at the gumline in full or part and the prosthetics have come off) are not covered with dental guarantee. Any movement, chipping, breaking, coming off due to Bruxism, bone loss, having had Orthodontic treatment in the past, accident or fights/extreme sports are also not covered with dental guarantee.

Teeth Whitening: The effects of the Teeth Whitening treatment may vary from patient to patient depending on the tooth texture and there may be no discernible change in terms of whiteness and brightness. The whiteness/brightness of Teeth Whitening is temporary, and longevity cannot be guaranteed or predicted. In the event of a potential dissatisfaction, no refund shall be made.

Travel-Accommodation Expenses: Although rare, if the patient returns due to reporting pain or other dental issues, your dentist will provide a thorough check up and corrective treatment shall be provided without charge if there is a defect of dentistry. All corrective treatments shall be provided in the original shade of the treatments and any shade change will require payment in full. If there transpires a need to return, this shall be at the patient’s own expense and the clinic shall make no contribution towards travel and accommodation expenses.

The rest of the form is given on visiting clinic