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Hollywood White Teeth Shades

The term “Hollywood white teeth” refers to teeth that are exceptionally white and are highly valued by Hollywood celebrities, thus earning the name. The level of whiteness achieved is not typically natural for humans. Hollywood stars attain this color through a combination of teeth whitening procedures and dental veneers.

Today, our goal is to present the appearance of this Hollywood white teeth color and provide insights into the process of achieving it.

Hollywood White Teeth Color

The shades of Hollywood white teeth are commonly referred to as bleached shades within the dental community. While various tooth shade guides exist, one popular choice is the VITA toothguide 3D master, which includes specific bleached shades. This guide is often used by dentists to assess and communicate tooth color, especially when patients are interested in achieving a whiter or bleached appearance for their teeth.

The exceptionally white Hollywood colors belong to the 0M family of tooth shades, and they come in three variations. Below, we’ve listed them in descending order from the whitest to the darkest:

  • 0M1 (whitest)
  • 0M2
  • 0M3 (darkest)

0M1 Tooth Shade

The 0M1 tooth color is the brightest and whitest shade available. It is so exceptionally white that if you were to have veneers in this color, it would be immediately noticeable that you’ve had dental work done.

0M2 Tooth Shade

The 0M2 tooth color is the second whitest bleached shade.

0M3 Tooth Shade

The 0M3 tooth color is the third whitest among the bleached shades, yet it is also the darkest one within this range of three shades.

The 0M3 tooth shade happens to be our preferred veneer color. It is brighter than the natural tooth color B1, which is considered the whitest natural shade, yet it maintains a natural appearance without being excessively white. Most individuals wouldn’t easily discern whether you’ve had dental work done due to its subtle and natural look.

How to Get Teeth That White?

To achieve the Hollywood white colors for your teeth, a combination of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers is essential, especially if your natural teeth are significantly yellow.

The thin nature of dental veneers means that the color of your underlying teeth can affect the final appearance. If your teeth are already average or reasonably white, getting veneers alone may be sufficient to attain the 0M1, 0M2, or 0M3 tooth shades.

However, if your teeth are intensely yellow, even with the 0M1 tooth color, the yellow tint from your natural teeth may still be visible through the veneer. In our opinion, for optimal results, it is recommended to whiten your teeth as much as possible before getting veneers. This minimizes the potential for dark or yellow tones to show through the porcelain laminates.

Which Color is Best for me?

As a general guideline, when selecting a veneer color, we strongly recommend choosing a shade that is approximately 2-3 shades lighter than your natural teeth. Opting for a color significantly whiter than this range may result in a noticeable contrast.

Here is the veneer color chart to provide you with an understanding of the escalating levels of whiteness. Another alternative is to consider veneering all of your teeth, not just the front ones. If you decide to veneer your entire mouth, you have the flexibility to choose any color you desire.

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