Hybrid Prosthesis


A hybrid prosthesis is a specific type of prosthesis affixed to implants strategically positioned within the maxillary bones. Securely fastened to abutments, this prosthesis is not designed for patient removal.

Hybrid dentures provide a plethora of functional, aesthetic, and psychological benefits for individuals with missing teeth, surpassing conventional full dentures. These prosthetics offer a host of advantages, including the creation of exceptionally aesthetic restorations, diminishing the load and strain on the oral prosthesis, and ensuring uniform distribution.

What Is a Hybrid Prosthesis?

A hybrid prosthesis is a form of dental prosthesis that gains support from dental implants, thus qualifying as an implant-supported prosthesis. This type of prosthesis comprises a prosthetic framework securely affixed to implants previously inserted within the maxillary bones. The objective is to restore both function and aesthetics to the greatest extent.

In contrast to an overdenture, a hybrid prosthesis is firmly attached to abutments and is not intended for patient removal. Unlike an overdenture, which is removable and can be taken off by the patient.

How is a Hybrid Prosthesis made?

The hybrid prosthesis comprises a cast metal framework securely affixed to the abutments over the dental implants. This metal framework is coated with acrylic, providing a stable foundation for the fixed artificial teeth. At Bavli International, we leverage CAD CAM technology to streamline and enhance the treatment process.

The procedure begins by selecting the appropriate abutments for the dental implants, followed by an implant-level impression that yields a model cast. Subsequently, the CAD CAM system is employed to scan the model cast, facilitating the creation of the metal framework. This framework is meticulously crafted using 3Shape software, ensuring precise alignment with the abutments. Following the successful trial of the metal framework within the oral cavity, the artificial teeth are meticulously affixed onto the framework, followed by the subsequent denture processing. This advanced approach optimizes treatment duration and ensures superior accuracy.


No, it does not have any side effects. The materials used in the mouth are tissue-friendly materials that have been studied before. Generally, current aesthetic infrastructure materials such as some metal alloys, titanium, zirconium, and PEKK are used.

It is no different from a classical prosthesis treatment. At least 5-6 consecutive sessions are applied to the patients. Of course, after the prosthesis construction is finished, we also apply a control session.

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